Selasa, 30 Agustus 2016

Styling Neon Running Shoes

7th semester just started after a long holiday for 3 months. I miss the canteen food, my lovely lecturer -_- and my friends. This semester I will be busy with the guidance of a thesis and work, I hope it will be completed on time and that I need only focus.

Ohh ya! Yesterday was the second week I was in college. By that time the weather is very beautiful, a little clouded but the sun is still there. So I think wearing turtle neck is a good idea and pair it with my new running shoes.

The point is you have to combine it with neutral colors like black, white, grey or nude to show you neon running shoes.

Grey Turtle Neck - Uniqlo
Michael Kors Bag
Adidas Shoes


Jumat, 26 Agustus 2016


Dress - H&M
Bag - Palomino
Shoes - Cotton On Indonesia

Location : Batu Secret Zoo


Sweet 21

Hello 21!
I would like to thank you to all of  you for wishes, gifts and cakes that i received on my birthday this year. Also thank you for my family, my best friends that always suporting me year by the year, so lucky to have parents, brothers and best friends like you. Thank you God for give me a beautiful life until now. So many things that I get last year in career and lecture, I learn how difficult worked and college at the same time. Many times that I sacrificed for my career and college, but I now I very happy and proud by myself for all. It's beautiful at the end.

This year I want better at work because I am now as a senior that always give good example for my junior, not bossy and stay humble; I hope that my thesis is completed on time and I can be more mature. God bless me.

So yeah! I got surprise and dinner from my SHS best friends, here it is!

We try new cafe in town the named is Coffee Taste. Good place with good food, so delicious!