Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

One Fine Day in Garum, Blitar

A week before the final exams, I went to visit my friend's house in Garum, Blitar. I went there with a train ride in the morning. Btw.. train ride made me remember to my grandfather, he was a machinist (miss you so much, kakung :"( !) and also reminds of my childhood memories, when my parents bring me and my siblings holidays. It's was fun traveling with public transportation (train) !.

I arrived in Rosita's home at noon, the she took me swimming and touring the city of Blitar in the evening. At that time there were event named "Blitar Tempoe Doeloe" and it's the reason I'm here too. But when I arrived, there was very crowded with people, their enthusiasm is so high that I can only see a sea of people. Annnd that I do with Rosita is buy cotton candy and take pictures.

In the morning the next day, we did just take pictures in the backyard *lol*. And this is the result, thank you Rosita because it already want to be my photographer.

Another sky shot, beautiful !

When I'm there, there is someone who makes me very very disappointed. I did not expect he'll brings me havin fun in excess of his best friend because I just became friends with him just about 1 month ago. But guess what you do when your friends come from a far ? He promises that would bring me havin fun but in reality... He absolutely did not come in front of me. I know we only as friends, but the word you say to the fact it was so very different !

I promised myself not to do stupid things like that anymore because I don't want to hurt for the second time and don't want to think of the people who are actually not at all important in my life. The bottom line is don't be so expect more, it's hurt.

Thank you Rosita and family for make my weekend fun !

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Loves, Yohana

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