Jumat, 06 Maret 2015


Leci Shirt - Shenika Wardrobe | Flare Skirt - Looking Good OS | Shoes - Laurence Heels

If you are stalking my instagram acount (here), I just have fun playing with my new camera. Yes.. my bro give me as a gift, not camera with good specifications but camera that in accordance with my usability (for blogging of course). Ohhh how happy I am, thank you so much my beloved bro !

Long time no blogging (as always) -_-, because 4 semester is make me busy everyday, task, quiz, presentation and many more that make me lazy super super lazy to write new post, blog photoshot. Miss my blog so much and my beloved readers :'(. Btw, I write this post using public wifi at my faculty accompanied with gloomy weather hehehe. Enjoy my new post everyone !

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Loves, Yohana

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