Selasa, 27 Januari 2015


Flanel Shirt - Disctowear | Black Jeans - Gabrielle | Bag - Longchamp | Oxford Platform Shoes - Zalora

When I go to campus, I don't like look feminine. Why ? because everyday I use motorcycle or public transport to go there, ooh pls... can you imagine the condition ? It's hot as hell -_-. Yes, it's make me sometimes and always look boyish, I'm very very comfortable wearing loose shirt or sweater, polo with jeans and sneakers as well. Few days ago I look Disctowear being held clearance sale, many of them is good quality like this flanel shirt. This material is soft, so not iritation when wear it and I got this with best deal. I very recomended this local online shop, not only the goods is best, the service is humble too. Go grab it fast !

By the way, sorry to late update on blog. Cause this 4 semesters is very difficult for me. The college teacher and lecture is different from the previous. And also I was re-elected in Accounting Department Organization 2015 (HMJ Akuntansi), my position as secretary of the one part. Seriously my parents, bro and I proud of myself but I still not confidence oooh :(. Actually many that I want to post for you my lovely reader, wait me ya !

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