Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

Holiday Please

Everyday I did just watch korean drama, eating and sleeping like a pig, very boring!. I don't know how many episodes I've watched. I so need an actual holiday, like going to the beach, mountains or an interesting place. And also I want to visit my friend, Rosita in Blitar but I can't because my grand ma is sick. Oooohhh I don't know -_-.

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Loves, Yohana

Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

One Fine Day in Garum, Blitar

A week before the final exams, I went to visit my friend's house in Garum, Blitar. I went there with a train ride in the morning. Btw.. train ride made me remember to my grandfather, he was a machinist (miss you so much, kakung :"( !) and also reminds of my childhood memories, when my parents bring me and my siblings holidays. It's was fun traveling with public transportation (train) !.

I arrived in Rosita's home at noon, the she took me swimming and touring the city of Blitar in the evening. At that time there were event named "Blitar Tempoe Doeloe" and it's the reason I'm here too. But when I arrived, there was very crowded with people, their enthusiasm is so high that I can only see a sea of people. Annnd that I do with Rosita is buy cotton candy and take pictures.

In the morning the next day, we did just take pictures in the backyard *lol*. And this is the result, thank you Rosita because it already want to be my photographer.

Another sky shot, beautiful !

When I'm there, there is someone who makes me very very disappointed. I did not expect he'll brings me havin fun in excess of his best friend because I just became friends with him just about 1 month ago. But guess what you do when your friends come from a far ? He promises that would bring me havin fun but in reality... He absolutely did not come in front of me. I know we only as friends, but the word you say to the fact it was so very different !

I promised myself not to do stupid things like that anymore because I don't want to hurt for the second time and don't want to think of the people who are actually not at all important in my life. The bottom line is don't be so expect more, it's hurt.

Thank you Rosita and family for make my weekend fun !

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Loves, Yohana

Senin, 04 Mei 2015

Sporty Chic with Baseball Hats

Watching my favorite club game is my pleasure. Sometimes I like watching together with my brotha and Dad. And watch the game can be more excited that wearing jersey, syal or merchandise from your favorite club. One of my favorite that I wear after jersey is hat like baseball hat, beanie or else. It's gonna be a sporty chic style, match it with what on your wardrobe. So enjoy my tips !

Style 1 : I choose beanie for my accessories because it's can be save my hair from air or else when watch the game and make you cool at the same time. I love the color and the design... it's pretty cool, you can see at Chicago Cubs Hats page of Match beanie from your favorite club with sweatshirt, pleated plaid skirt and boot. People eyes staring at you when was looking for an place to sit or when jumped cause your favorite club is scoring. Yes ??

Style 2 : I'm feel on vacation that wearing bucket hat, so comfy when wear it and stylish too. I found this bucket hat on Red Sox Hats page of The camo detail is make point in this look, so to balance it pair with plain turle neck, coat, ripped jeans and slip on. 

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Loves, Yohana

Jumat, 06 Maret 2015


Leci Shirt - Shenika Wardrobe | Flare Skirt - Looking Good OS | Shoes - Laurence Heels

If you are stalking my instagram acount (here), I just have fun playing with my new camera. Yes.. my bro give me as a gift, not camera with good specifications but camera that in accordance with my usability (for blogging of course). Ohhh how happy I am, thank you so much my beloved bro !

Long time no blogging (as always) -_-, because 4 semester is make me busy everyday, task, quiz, presentation and many more that make me lazy super super lazy to write new post, blog photoshot. Miss my blog so much and my beloved readers :'(. Btw, I write this post using public wifi at my faculty accompanied with gloomy weather hehehe. Enjoy my new post everyone !

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Loves, Yohana

Selasa, 27 Januari 2015


Flanel Shirt - Disctowear | Black Jeans - Gabrielle | Bag - Longchamp | Oxford Platform Shoes - Zalora

When I go to campus, I don't like look feminine. Why ? because everyday I use motorcycle or public transport to go there, ooh pls... can you imagine the condition ? It's hot as hell -_-. Yes, it's make me sometimes and always look boyish, I'm very very comfortable wearing loose shirt or sweater, polo with jeans and sneakers as well. Few days ago I look Disctowear being held clearance sale, many of them is good quality like this flanel shirt. This material is soft, so not iritation when wear it and I got this with best deal. I very recomended this local online shop, not only the goods is best, the service is humble too. Go grab it fast !

By the way, sorry to late update on blog. Cause this 4 semesters is very difficult for me. The college teacher and lecture is different from the previous. And also I was re-elected in Accounting Department Organization 2015 (HMJ Akuntansi), my position as secretary of the one part. Seriously my parents, bro and I proud of myself but I still not confidence oooh :(. Actually many that I want to post for you my lovely reader, wait me ya !

Location : Malang Town Square

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Loves, Yohana

Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

Re and Fort Cafe Malang

Re & Fort is one of many cafe in Malang that very very unique. Why I say this is a unique cafe, cause only in here you can found Plant Cake ! Ehmm btw, I like to go hangout to cafe but only unique cafe. Unique I means like the menu, interior and concept that different from the basically cafe. If I love with the cafe, menu, interior, concept, services or overall I always write it in my blog (travel page). Seriously I really wanted to go to Re & Fort since a few months ago but I have got a chance now :"( hiks. Ok ! Let's start review, enjoy :)

When I came luckily there was one empty place so I just sat there. But there are hangouters coming next and they are did not place so they are waited for other hangouters away, fortunately not too long (but what if the time waiting too long ? they are definitely upset and went looking for a new place).

What are you afraid of if the menu here is expensive ? Don't worry guys ! The price of Re & Fort menu is around Rp. 10.000 until Rp. 25.000 (aah I forgot it -_-) It's very very affordable price and of course the taste is delicious too.

The interior is good ! With decoration of neat arrangement of flower pots (cause the concept id garden cafe). The dim light. In every table there is a candle. The orders delivered on time. The atmosphere in the cafe was not to crowded. Because it is located near the highway so we can see the night view of the highway. The services is good and humble. Laasst the food is very delicious, all inggredients mixed perfectly.

This is our orders. You know guys, I want try all the menu by my self LOL. Unfortunately the time I get there the Winter Plant Cake is sold out :(. All food served with neat and fitting portion. The taste is good. I love the Beef Blackpepper Rice Bowl !!

Chicken BBQ Rice Bowl

Beef Blackpepper Rice Bowl

Chicken Katsu

Banana Oreo Plant Cake

Hide my ugly smile -_- I just feel very happy to go to good place with my cousin :)
Thank you Re & Fort Cafe for having me and my cousin with a good services and food.

Hey you that stay around Malang, don't forget to come and try this best Plant Cake in town only at Re & Fort Cafe !
Get Relax and Get Comfort !

Address :
Jalan Terusan Kawi No. 4 Malang

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Sunday // 13.00 - 23.00

Sosmed :
Twitter - @reandfort_cafe
Instagram - @reandfort_cafe 

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Loves, Yohana