Sabtu, 15 November 2014

What's in My Closet ?

Hey guys ? What do you do in this saturday night ? ... I feel bored right know, so to reduce boredom I write new post. Oh ya ! I'm very happy this week because I received an email from one of the brand which invites I'm working with them. Whaaa very excited ! Seriously it's my first cooperation, I hope it will run smoothly.

Ok, back to the topics ! Some of you guys are curious with the contents of my closet, after I tidy up then I capture it. This is my closet, yes ! my closet is only one and I new fashion bloggers so not much clothes that I have hihii. Every week I always tidy up it. Cause when I want to get out, I'm always trying some clothes and sometimes I forget, lazy to return it to the place that was originally. And lots of stuff that I want to bought like beanie, snapback and some basic clothes but my money always used for anything else *sick*.

I think it's enough, guys. Enjoy your saturday night, see you next post. Bye...

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Loves, Yohana.

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