Kamis, 09 Oktober 2014

Pie Susu Dhian

You guys must have been familiar with this one. Yes ! Pie Susu Dhian, I always love the original flavour. I can eat more than 10 pieces LOL. The flavour is so sweet but not too sweet, the shape is thin and not big so it's make easy to eat. You can buy at the store in Bali or maybe online snack shop. If you love to eat a lot don't forget to try this, very recommended. The flavour is not original but there is a flavour of chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, cheese, chocolate cheese. The old packaging is not modern there is use plastick with sticker in the back so it's make ant easy entrance. But now the packaging is so simple and safety from ant. So what are you waiting ??.

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Loves, Yohana.

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