Jumat, 31 Oktober 2014

Pesta Rakyat & Pentas Seni Jawa Timur 2014 di Malang

Good night everyone ! I wrote this post after coming home from the event, hoaaaam my eyes very sleepy -_-  . But for my lovely readers I couldn't be so :). Back to the topic ! me and my mom go to church together, after that we are go to "Pesta Rakyat & Pentas Seni Jatim 2014". Want to know about the event ??

This event is looks like bazar, there are a lot of food, goods, art booth and of course the art show. The theme is traditional culture so, many of traditional food and traditional or typical goods from each regency in East Java. I very very proud with Indonesia culture, every regency, province have different culture so it make Indonesia rich in traditional culture. I support Indonesia traditional culture !!

But unfortunately I disappointed with the food, only for 40% is traditional and 60% is modern food like Takoyaki, Ramen, Sushi, and else. The traditional food is very little. The name is "Pesta Rakyat & Pentas Seni Jatim 2014" so I think there is no modern food only traditional food that must sold. In there I just eat Takoyaki and Siomay cause I'm not found authentic traditional food >.< !

I very appreciated with the goods booth cause they sell traditional handmade goods from every regency and UMKM (usaha menengah, kecil dan mikro)  in East Java. It's very helpful to support our local product. The art show is awesome ! love the traditional dance (forget the name) then with euphoria. All people from various backgrounds come together into one and enjoy the art show with beloved family or someone and friends. 

Btw the event will be over 2 days. So if you are orang asli Malang or was in Malang, come and join this event, to save Indonesia traditional culture and support local product !!

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Loves, Yohana.

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