Rabu, 29 Oktober 2014

Easy Nail Art Using Nail Stickers

Holla my lovely readers ! Sorry for late updated on my blog cause last week is a hard week for me (full of exam, HMJ meeting and HMJ event). Finally I can back again to post something that I love. 

Yesterday I went to the mall to give recharge my eyes and buy a new laptop bag. In the middle of that time I saw a very cute nail sticker at one of the shops. When I saw it, I immediately got the idea to make nail art. So here it is, Enjoy !

What you need :
Whatever color of Nail Polish that you like + Top coat
Nail Sticker

1. Apply the nail polish in your fingers and wait until dry. If the color is thin repeat again !

2. Take the nail sticker using tweezers or your finger. But I think using tweezers is very easy than finger.

3. The last is apply the top coat and wait until dry.

You can change the nail polish as base coat with you favortite color or color that match with the nail sticker. Very easy, fast and simple tutorial, I hope all of you like this tutorial. See next nail art post !

Btw, I just create AskFM account heheheee cause many if my friend request it. So if you want to know me ask anything, so visit my account here.

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Loves, Yohana.

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