Kamis, 30 Oktober 2014

DIY Liquor Bottle

Happy Halloween everyone !! Yes today is October 31 ! are you prepare for Halloween Party ?. Next year, I hope I can come and join the Halloween Party. Cause today I just want to be with my family, this week my family member is very very busy with its own, including I >.< !. So tonight we'll go to out for just hang out and make some quality time.

Friday is blogging hehehee LOL, because my lecture just 4 days so today I can write something on my blog. OK, today I was cleaning up my bedroom and work table is very very messy. Not only cleaning up I reorganize some stuff too. And this post is some of it, may you be inspired. Enjoy !

Please don't think bad about me >.< this liquor bottle was my brother's. I like to collect them and clean it before I use to decorate room, table or else.

Right & left : on my bedroom ( see you next post )
Bottom : on my desk

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Loves, Yohana.

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