Rabu, 24 September 2014

Takoyaki - たこ焼き

On my Department Event, many of sponsor help us (fund, stage, and more) and the feedback is we provide a venue for them to sell their products. Some of them sell food and drink, but I'm very interested with this booth. Yes !! Takoyaki. Actually you can also meet this booth at the Mall in your town :D. So in the middle of event I ordered one serving of original Takoyaki. When my Takoyaki is done I took it to my friend to share it, but many of my friend doesn't know and maybe you are same my lovely readers.

Let me introduce it, Takoyaki origin of the Kansai region food name in Japan. Shaped with a diameter of 3 - 5 cm and made from wheat flour dough filled with pieces of Octopus in the inside. The taste is so delicious, soft ! don't forget to blowing the Takoyaki before you eat cause it is very hot in the inside. I love Japanese food LOL !.

Source : Wikipedia

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Happy Thursday Everyone !

Loves, Yohana.

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