Selasa, 09 September 2014

Snapper Fish Fried Rice

Ingredients :

a little bit of Oil
Snapper fish fillet
Scrambled eggs
Instant fried rice seasoning
a little bit of Salt and Pepper
Leek for garnish

Mix all ingredients well and tadaah ! 

Today in the late morning, I cook breakfast with medium portion just for my grandma, brother, adorable mbak and me. Cause my morning lecture are free so I can cook, lay in my bed and watching korean movie due completing my task. Btw many people ask to me "why you use instant seasoning ?" or say "using instant seasoning is same with can't cook.". So it's my answer I use instant seasoning is for no wasting my time to smoothing some garlic, red onion or else and I use it for some recipes like friedrice, fried chicken that's it. Sometimes I buy smooth seasoning on traditional market like rendang, opor and else to make easy. I not use MSG anymore to make my food delicious just salt and pepper. I love cooking simple dish my mom say that I prefer modern food, neither can't cook traditional but I'm is a student and very busy so I choose simple modern food. I want to make new dish in this weekend, don't miss it !.

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Loves, Yohana.

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