Senin, 04 Agustus 2014


Turtle Neck - Unbranded | Pattern Cotton Pants - ITC Mangga Dua | Strap Heels - Payless | Caviar Classic Bag - Chanel

Feeling simple today with ready to wear outfit. All people very busy today but I'm not >.< hihihi cause I'm sick for three days, colds and coughs is bugging me ooohh get well soon for me :). Oh ya ! If you watch korean drama "King of High School" tomorrow is last episode T.T huhuhuuu can't wait the ending is happy or not. My college holiday is too long maybe the middle of August will be end. I very miss my friends Endah, Rosita, Rancut, Diah and Anna I wan't to go to cafeteria faculty and chit chat about our holiday aaahh really miss you guys !! Do you feel the same with me ? :).

Loves, Yohana

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