Minggu, 20 Juli 2014

HAUL #1 | July and August

Bal Bal White Eyelet - City Sneaks (Payless)

Lady Dame Black - Brash (Payless)
I got two shoes from Payless that open store at PRJ with very cheap price *wink*.

L1212 Concept Vertical Tote Bag - Lacoste 
From my lovely aunt.

Crop Top - Et Cetera 
From my sister.

Cotton Pants - ITC Mangga Dua

K-POP T-Shirt 
From my brother girlfriend.

Knit Top - ITC Mangga Dua

Fake Polo Shirt - ITC Mangga Dua

Statement Shirt - ITC Mangga Dua
I need this for lecture cause my campus is muslim university so this is important stuff for me.

Hair Ties - Stroberi
I watch Gabriella Olivia haul video few monts ago and found hair ties so I grab it fast.

BB Cream - Maybelline
Seriously I can't dandan :(, I always like watch on youtube about make up tutorial specially korean and natural make up but I still can't until now >.<. So I choose BB cream to my everyday make up, and I'm in love the perfectly flawless result !.

Nail Polish - Pixy (From my lovey aunt again)

This is my first haul in 2014. I make it not to show off  guys :). I want to make the video of haul but I'm not confidence to speak english hahahaaa maybe soon.

Loves, Yohana.

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