Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

Food Parade

Maybe you already see on my instagram  about what I cook in holiday. Yes many dishes that I cook for my big family, actually not only me but with my aunt. I call her Tante Ana, she is very very good in cook because she talented in cooking since teenager and she graduated in school of cullinary. Everyday in holiday she teach me new recipe. So this is the result of my learning hahahaa *lol*.

BAKUT is a pork ribs soup with Sayur Asin (fermented vegetables), you can found this in traditional market. It's very easy to cook this (but I forget it but you can search on google >.<) just boiled the pork ribs until tender, add chop of sayur asin and garlic, seasoning with white pepper and sugar, little bit a salt cause the taste sayur asin is very salty so be carefull. I like soup but when I eat Bakut I feel more like a soup because the taste is very delicious and simple cook but healty too.

BABI KECAP is a sliced of pork cooked with soy sauce. It's easy too but don't forget use pork oil and add a lot of soy sauce to make the color beautiful and seep into the pork.

Sorry for messy plating cause I back home from airport when I capture this and I very hungry to wait my aunt flights because in a 2 hours delay. All of you maybe familiar with this dishes yes ! CUMI SAUS HITAM and TUMIS UDANG with pete *hatethis* and tofu. 

KOLOKE is a slices of chicken and fry with flour dough with sweet sour sauce. I love it because easy to cook anytime what I want.

CAP CAY is mixed of vegetables with simple spices only garlic, salt, white pepper and sugar that can combine with shrimp, meatballs, meat or else but yesterday I combine with ati ampela. Every I cooked this I always choose colors of vegetables to make beautiful color. See the color broccoli, carrot and baby corn it's just perfect !.

BAKMOY is a soup with carrot, chicken, ma ling (pork luncheon meat), shirmp dough (fry and chop into small pieces) and seasoning with garlic fries, salt, sugar and ta dah ready to eat ! don't forget add boiled egg and sambal petis.

DIM SUM is almost same with siomai but different. I forget to add chopped of carrot to make it colorful. the dough is consist of chicken, shrimp, salt, white pepper, leek, garlic, sago flour and mix all with hand (don't forget wash your hand before) and put it on the kulit pangsit and steamed until cooked. If don't like steamed dim sum you can  fry this.

I make it for my breakfast FRIED FRIES and SHRIMP with MAYONAISE. Simple and bon appetit breakfast.

Always eat healty food guys !

Loves, Yohana.

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