Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

Feminime Fever

I looked at instagram account a lot of people are wearing this skirt. Yes ! now organza is come back to be a trend again. I love it for the first sight and I found My Rosemary Suitte were having a PO Bangkok so I order this skirt. This is my favorite online shop since I SHS because the owner Ci Ivone is my friend's sister. The service is good, you can ask any question about the price, material and else. The material is smooth, sleek seams and wear rubber waist so easy to wear it. I wear this outfit for attending Teteh Retti's Wedding tomorrow in Gereja Katredal Jakarta so I can't wait !!.

This is my last post before leaving to Jakarta. Yes ! I with my bro depart to Jakarta by train today, so I like a flash back to the my child memories >.<. But don't worry I've prepared some post for you guys that I've written in a few days ago for my convenience when travelling as it is today, so I just need internet connection to post it. Don't miss it ! 

Don't forget to join PO Bangkok at My Rosemary Suitte that will close next monday. Click in here to see the catalog !

Top - Bought from SG
Organza Insert Calf Skirt - My Rosemary Suitte
Kitten Shoes - Laurence Hill

Loves, Yohana.

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