Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Diagonal Splatter Nail Art

I make splatter nail but not as usual, I add diagonal shape to make it to be different. I thing splatter nail art is very difficult but after I watch the step in youtube is very very simple, you just need straw to make splatter pattern. Actually the first coat maybe looks like better with white nail polish but in the 2 previous post I use white, I bored ! so I change it. When you make splatter nail don't expect to be neat, never ! your table, fingers will be so messy so don't forget to using paper trays to make your table clean and using tape into your fingers. So let's started *scrolldown*.

What you need :

  • Nail Polish ( color and transparent ),
  • Tape,
  • Straw, cut into medium pieces ( 5 cm ),
  • Paper Trays.

If you don't like my nail art post, I mean the modification you can see on Google or Youtube a many different splatter nail art.

This is behind the scene pic to show that you must using paper trays *lol*. Messy nail art that ever I made.

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Loves, Yohana !

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  1. Hi I just met your blog
    I love your nail and the idea, I'm beautiful
    I will try :)


    1. Thank you !
      I hope my blog could inspire you.

      Kisses Too !