Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Scrambled Egg With Veggies

My lil bro are following fitness so he need eat healthy food (veggetables) and actually I love cooking with simple inggredients, easy step and healthy so today I make scrambled egg but not only it I add with veggies. What you need ?? In the picture below you can see the inggredients, you only wash it and cut into small piece what you like. Don't forget salt, pepper and butter !

I made this for me and lil bro so the egg is consist of 2 yolk and 3 egg whites. You can add more egg in accordance with how much the veggies.

Cook over small or medium heat to make mature the broccoli.

Many people says that cooking is hard but in fact is wrong. Why ?? because is like mathemathic, more you learn more you can cook. It's not just about cooking but everything that you think you can't do. Some tips to make you want to cook is choose easy step, inggredients and material. I like search recipe on the website or watch cooking show (farah quinn is my favorite !) but not all of recipe that you practice so choose that you think easy for you. Example, I want to cook muffin, cake that all of using oven but I don't have it so I try to search recipe that not using oven and I make pudding, pancake, doughnut. And by the time I was married I want to cook for my hubby and of course my child *fly in the air*. So let's start learn cooking !.

Happy Cooking Ladies !

Loves Yohana.

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