Sabtu, 10 Mei 2014

Polka Nail

Holiday is comming ! Yes, my lecture holiday is too early from other college. Final exam is over and I can rest my brain after long long week full with task, quiz, and additional classes. In long holiday maybe 3 month I want internship to challenge my ability and add to the experince but my lecturer not give me a recommendations letter so maybe next semester :( and it's time to focus on my blog. Back in the topic ! Many things that I prepare to next post and I start with simple nail art, so enjoy ! *scrolldown*.

Left to right :

  1. Etternally Dark Green Nail Polish, you can change with color what you like or maybe add more color in every fingger (colorful),
  2. Unbranded Clear Nail Polish, for last touch of your nail art and make it long last,
  3. Unbranded Tipe - X Nail Polish, same with number 1 you can change with other color,
  4. Nail Tape, to help you make border in your nail (like a french nail),
  5. Dotting Tool, to make dots in your nail.

Actually you musn't make like on top, you can change the place where creating border or the pattern of dots. Don't forget when you in the last step (apply the clear nail polish) you must wait the dots is dry, when still wet and you apply it the dots can be fade.

Happy Saturday.

Loves, Yohana !

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