Minggu, 11 Mei 2014

Jelly Marie

I know this is old recipe that many people know. But I make some new, guess what ?? Yes ! I combine the marie biscuit with strawberry yogurt jelly. I used ingredients that many people know, cheap price and easy to buy it at minimarket or else.

Btw, I very like used Nutrijell, why ?? Because the texture is good for all age, easy to make it and combine with ice cream, cake, cocktail and other food. Don't worry ! It's healty because made of natural ingredients that good for digestive health. Every sunday I always make this for my family and already become routine, all of the flavor we have already tried and chocolate is my family favorite. Cause the chocolate is very rich but not sweetness. There is a new flavor, it's yogurt with 2 varians stwawberry and blackcurrant, I like too cause the taste is good, very fresh !. This is the step to make jelly.

Don't forget in the back of every fruit jelly there are additional materials (fruit acid) if you forget to add it your jelly can very mushy (lembek).

You can change the marie biscuit with else like fresh fruit. Don't pour the jelly if it is still hot cause the marie can float on top and make it not beautiful when cut it. So stir it until the steam heat is reduced and you can start pour on top of marie.


Loves, Yohana.

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