Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Glitter On Top

Just feel bored right now cause this is 2nd weeks I holiday and no activities that I doing >.< !. Everyday I wake up late at 8 o'clock, take a bath or maybe no *lol* and watching new korean movie a full day or sometimes just look at my blog to see page viewer. I and my family go to Jakarta especially Tangerang next month to attend my teteh wedding and I'm can't wait for it. Many work that must I finished like check the price of consumtion in one of kind work programs in HMJ ( cause I as a Co ) and my DIY, recipe, outfit for  upcoming post. Back in the topic, today I change my nail art and I want to make it simple but chic so here it is. Enjoy !.

Loves, Yohana !

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