Minggu, 04 Mei 2014

Brawijaya Fashion Week 2014 : Fashion Show

Yesterday Brawijaya University held an event Brawijaya Fashion Week 2014 at GOR Pertamina only 2 day on friday and saturday. There are only 2 fashion show that showing everyday. It's the first event that I know looks like Jakarta Fashion Week. The outfit that they wore is very simple and chic, very appreciated ! and fit with boy or girl that want to be a fashionable person. In this event are more than 80 booth (soon on my blog). I wore very simple outfit just embroidery top, jeans, flat shoes and mini sling bag. I just came on the second day in fashion show 2, so here it is !.

My Favorite !

Left to right :
  1. The dress is very simple but stunning. I think wear it at formal events like prom night, wedding.
  2. I like the batik pants cause the material is easy to combine with plaid statement shirt for woman career look or shirt for just hang out.
  3. Love the shoes !!. Yes ! cause the pattern is batik, very recommended !.
  4. I think it is best look on BFW. Only with gold midi flare skirt. Maybe look good if wear polkadot shirt, white scarf, with hair bun and don't forget glasses.

Left to right :

  1. Cool ! cause the shirt is just wear like this very simple *formydreamboyfriend>.<).
  2. The jacket is cute because on tip of the hoodie is furry. And it look so fashionable.

See you again at Brawijaya Fashion Week 2015 *hope !

Loves, Yohana !

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  1. Hi, my name is Insan, so i heard about this event and i really wanted to go but i didnt coz i jut simply didnt have time hahaha, but i really appreciate this event at it shows that fashion is finally getting noticed here in brawijaya, this might be a big stepping stone for the fashion community in brawijaya to show their existence as well as telling people about what fashion is, how it could be beautiful yet challenging at the same time, how it should be affordable for everyone, or maybe how a local brand could produce something that could be as good as what international brands produce (ok, this might be an exaggeration haha lol, but not really). I think the people should know about that and I see it as an obligation for the fashion community to tell the people.
    okay so my questions though, could you please give details about what brands were the guys wearing?, and did zara sponsor this event ? was there any other international street wear brand involved ?

    much love and appreciation - insan

    1. I hope next year this event will be back !. Sorry I don't know, how can the logo be there cause I see in this event not wearing product from zara. Ya ! ini adalah kekuranganku cause I busy with lecture so I just came in the last day and I can't seriously review this event. Sorry for not give you best information :). That I know is the models wearing local brand like Shoestologi (https://www.facebook.com/sasa.salsabilaaisyaalfaiza) and many more.

      Thank you, Insan :)