Sabtu, 05 April 2014


Actually today I go to MOG ( one of mall in my town ) with my friend Rosita but her busy doing the task so finally I go to supermarket with my mom to buy household goods. We are buy many herbs, instan noodle, soap, shampoo and else hahhaaa it's for a month's supply. In the food rack I see mini pack of La Fonte Spaghetti and I immediately took it. Arriving home I go to kitchen to cook it for lunch so here it is !.

I prefer spaghetti with mushroom because the taste is sweet and I cook with perfect maturity. Perfecto !. And the taste chicken sauce is very strange, I don't like it but not bad for just try. Totally I like with the mimi portion because I not accustomed eat it, if it with big portion maybe I ate both with my lil brother.

Maybe this post my last update because in 3 days starts sunday until tuesday many homework, midterm and deadline task that I should do >.<. But wednesday is free maybe I can post my DIY so stay tune yah !.

This is my Saturday. How about yours ??

Loves, Yohana !

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