Minggu, 20 April 2014

Kartini 2014

Kartini is one of the famous Heroes of Indonesia. We know that she is the pioneer woman's revival at the era (the colonial era). If there is no Kartini maybe we are especially woman is nothing. And now we have aligned with the man is because she. So we as woman should not forget about Kartini and we must always remember !. I want to celebrate Kartini day with playing my closet and don't forget to put a touch of traditional, yes ! Kebaya. I wearing it with tie it on my waist to make it look modern but still fashionable.

With one of my lovely friends Diah Isnaeni, thank you for accompany me !

Bowler Hat, White T-shirt, Red Skirt : Unbranded
Necklace : Marin Shop
Brown Kebaya : Stolen from my mom
Vintege Bag : Stolen from my grandma
Kitten Shoes : Laurence Hill

Photo taken by Arfian Galih

Happy Kartini Day Girls !
“Teruslah bermimpi, teruslah bermimpi, bermimpilah selama engkau dapat bermimpi! Bila tiada bermimpi, apakah jadinya hidup! Kehidupan yang sebenarnya kejam.”

Loves, Yohana !

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