Jumat, 18 April 2014

Cupcake by Elly Cake and Bakery

A few days ago my english teacher give our classmate and I a task to promotion presentation about product. Many my friend tha promotion about goods example like bag, handphone, retail clothing, cookware and else. It make my group as the last presetation confused about what brand can we present ??. Earlier I saw in instagram a cute cake shop that sell a many else cake model but they are based in Jakarta so difficult to interview. My brain always thinking and thinking and finally found a online cake shop in town that very famous and in last post I tell about eclairs. Yes this is it Elly Cakes and Bakery !. I go to owner home to interview and order the cupcake with price deal and in the day of presentation I bring a example cake to show it to my classmate friends because they don't know what it is cupcake *LOL >.<. After presentation I share it to my friends so that they can a try it and the very very like it. Because the taste of cupcake is not too sweet and not make tooth dull pain. So why you must choose Elly Cakes and Bakery for your best event ( wedding, birthday, mother day, anniversary, baby first year and else) ?
Using certified dyes from WILTON USA
Do not use preservative
The material safety
Design is up to you (custom)
Detail is number 1
Affordable prices
60 % handmade (shape fondant)
Tastes good

Cupcake 1 : The girl
Cupcake 2 : 2 college books
Cupcake 3 : Olaf ( Frozen Cartoon )
Cupcake 4: Bunch of flowers

Visit the Instagram and Facebook account to see the various design examples. Contact in 74CCFFB2 and line : njoo_yuanita for order and price deal.

Loves, Yohana !

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