Rabu, 23 April 2014


OK ! I'm come back to my favorite spot as a my beginning spot hahahaa. Beautiful whether today so I can photo with no editing or filter >.<. Finally my cotton pants is arrived, it's from Nana Leman Shop my favorite online shop. I like shopping with them because trusted, the goods is good quality, cheap price and of course fast respons.

 I combine my green cotton pants with my grey batik from Batik Keris. My mom buy batik fabric to twin with my dad and turns their cloaks of lots and finally I make it into blazer like this of course I go to tailor. I like wearing batik from my design because it different with other people and so fashionable, right ?.

Batik Blazer - Design by Me ( Fabric from Batik Keris )
White Tank Top - Unbranded
Green Cotton Pants - Nana Leman Shop
Kitten Shoes - Laurence Hill

Don't Forget to visit Nana Leman Shop now !! 

Loves, Yohana !

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