Jumat, 25 April 2014


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Loves, Yohana !

Rabu, 23 April 2014


OK ! I'm come back to my favorite spot as a my beginning spot hahahaa. Beautiful whether today so I can photo with no editing or filter >.<. Finally my cotton pants is arrived, it's from Nana Leman Shop my favorite online shop. I like shopping with them because trusted, the goods is good quality, cheap price and of course fast respons.

 I combine my green cotton pants with my grey batik from Batik Keris. My mom buy batik fabric to twin with my dad and turns their cloaks of lots and finally I make it into blazer like this of course I go to tailor. I like wearing batik from my design because it different with other people and so fashionable, right ?.

Batik Blazer - Design by Me ( Fabric from Batik Keris )
White Tank Top - Unbranded
Green Cotton Pants - Nana Leman Shop
Kitten Shoes - Laurence Hill

Don't Forget to visit Nana Leman Shop now !! 

Loves, Yohana !

Minggu, 20 April 2014

Kartini 2014

Kartini is one of the famous Heroes of Indonesia. We know that she is the pioneer woman's revival at the era (the colonial era). If there is no Kartini maybe we are especially woman is nothing. And now we have aligned with the man is because she. So we as woman should not forget about Kartini and we must always remember !. I want to celebrate Kartini day with playing my closet and don't forget to put a touch of traditional, yes ! Kebaya. I wearing it with tie it on my waist to make it look modern but still fashionable.

With one of my lovely friends Diah Isnaeni, thank you for accompany me !

Bowler Hat, White T-shirt, Red Skirt : Unbranded
Necklace : Marin Shop
Brown Kebaya : Stolen from my mom
Vintege Bag : Stolen from my grandma
Kitten Shoes : Laurence Hill

Photo taken by Arfian Galih

Happy Kartini Day Girls !
“Teruslah bermimpi, teruslah bermimpi, bermimpilah selama engkau dapat bermimpi! Bila tiada bermimpi, apakah jadinya hidup! Kehidupan yang sebenarnya kejam.”

Loves, Yohana !

Blue French Nail

I'm totally bored with crowded design nail art ( with fimo, sticker or else ) so I make french nail but with blue color because white is very mainstream that I know. I first time wearing blue from Eternally as a french nail and I try to apply it and tadaaahhh ! Look fresh, love so much !. Oh yah, I can't taken the every step I make it because very easy, just put the tape in the nail and apply blue nail polish or color that you like and last apply the transparent to make it longlast.

Happy Nail Art !

Loves, Yohana !

Jumat, 18 April 2014

Cupcake by Elly Cake and Bakery

A few days ago my english teacher give our classmate and I a task to promotion presentation about product. Many my friend tha promotion about goods example like bag, handphone, retail clothing, cookware and else. It make my group as the last presetation confused about what brand can we present ??. Earlier I saw in instagram a cute cake shop that sell a many else cake model but they are based in Jakarta so difficult to interview. My brain always thinking and thinking and finally found a online cake shop in town that very famous and in last post I tell about eclairs. Yes this is it Elly Cakes and Bakery !. I go to owner home to interview and order the cupcake with price deal and in the day of presentation I bring a example cake to show it to my classmate friends because they don't know what it is cupcake *LOL >.<. After presentation I share it to my friends so that they can a try it and the very very like it. Because the taste of cupcake is not too sweet and not make tooth dull pain. So why you must choose Elly Cakes and Bakery for your best event ( wedding, birthday, mother day, anniversary, baby first year and else) ?
Using certified dyes from WILTON USA
Do not use preservative
The material safety
Design is up to you (custom)
Detail is number 1
Affordable prices
60 % handmade (shape fondant)
Tastes good

Cupcake 1 : The girl
Cupcake 2 : 2 college books
Cupcake 3 : Olaf ( Frozen Cartoon )
Cupcake 4: Bunch of flowers

Visit the Instagram and Facebook account to see the various design examples. Contact in 74CCFFB2 and line : njoo_yuanita for order and price deal.

Loves, Yohana !

Kamis, 17 April 2014

DIY Easter Rabbit

Inspired by Cindy Karmoko.

Sorry if I didn't tell you about my activities today but don't worry next post I'll tell you.
Happy Easter Everyone ! 
God Bless You !

Loves, Yohana :)

Rabu, 09 April 2014

DIY Choker Necklace

I'm is on holiday in 5 days but not holiday because I still in home :(. Today my college friends go to the beach, I want to go there but I can't because the transportation is minim, oke no problem maybe next time. I think this week I will make many project DIY. And this post is one of them, I try to make it with easy step and material so you can try it. Now I make choker neclace, many fashion blogger wearing it and inspiring me to make DIY post. Here it is !.

Loves, Yohana.

DIY Flower Glasses

According to the promise was I made yesterday today I post about my DIY Flower Glasses. Today I go to my Grandma home for Legislative Election. After that I made this *scrolldown* !

It's very very easy, right ??. You only buy a pack of fake flower with different color that you like and your old glasses and just paste it with glue gun or other glue (UHU, Castol, etc). Actually I bored with my Ray Ban glasses and not trend right know so I don't wear it again. You can use the type of flower with other what you want girls.

Are you like DIY ??
Always stay tune on my blog !

Loves, Yohana.

Sabtu, 05 April 2014


Actually today I go to MOG ( one of mall in my town ) with my friend Rosita but her busy doing the task so finally I go to supermarket with my mom to buy household goods. We are buy many herbs, instan noodle, soap, shampoo and else hahhaaa it's for a month's supply. In the food rack I see mini pack of La Fonte Spaghetti and I immediately took it. Arriving home I go to kitchen to cook it for lunch so here it is !.

I prefer spaghetti with mushroom because the taste is sweet and I cook with perfect maturity. Perfecto !. And the taste chicken sauce is very strange, I don't like it but not bad for just try. Totally I like with the mimi portion because I not accustomed eat it, if it with big portion maybe I ate both with my lil brother.

Maybe this post my last update because in 3 days starts sunday until tuesday many homework, midterm and deadline task that I should do >.<. But wednesday is free maybe I can post my DIY so stay tune yah !.

This is my Saturday. How about yours ??

Loves, Yohana !