Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

Crack Nail

Yesterday I look at my nail, it's very bored !. Very loooong I'm not coloring my nail, yes ! because I very busy for lecture. I accidentally make crack on my nails last night. I only painting two times with blue nail polish from Eternally in order to make it not bored visits. But I look at my crack nail polish from Tony Moly that never I use because it very difficult to crack ( can only be used with certain nail polish ) but I accidentally again to use it in my little finger hahaha ! and the result it succeed, the black nail polish is crack in 1 minute.

I buy Tony Moly in my favorite online shop that I was in Senior High School. This time, crack nail was popular in my town. Many my friend use it in her nail and make me don't want to miss it. Accident my favorite online shop open PO korean cosmetic, nail polish and else so like at the first time with Tony Moly crack nail polish. The crack pattern is not bored and and different from the others, the pattern is looks like skin of snake, do you look same ??. I very like to coloring my nail since Junior High School and I always like that my mom coloring her nail too. Maybe I like nail art because my mom like too. She always coloring her nail every first day on holiday, saturday that my mom bored and when my mom go to wedding or many ceremonial.

Blue Nail Polish - Eternally
Tony Moly Crack Nail Polish - MyRosemary Suitte
Clear Protector Nail Polish - Unbranded

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