Sabtu, 29 Maret 2014

Must Have !

Actually I never bring all of must have in my bag everyday. Because my mom said to me that I had to focus to my study so the above items only I put in my home. And lecture book that I bring is very much so there is no space in my bag for all of this :(. I think you judge me is not like a woman ?? hahahaaa no no ! I stay bring all of this but not for go to college but when I hangout with my friends and my family or go somewhere else. So the items that you must bring to go out basicly is :
  • Bag, yess ! without bag you can not bring all >.< ! It is my favorite bag that I have from Gosh, I very like with the color (easy to mix and match with another outfit).
  • Journal (book), I one of people always bored when dwell somewhere so I must bring my journal from Go Girl to write some scedule that I must completed or sketch anything that make me better when waiting. And don't forget the soulmate yes ! the pen !.
  • Wallet, I stolen from my mom because I don't like colorful wallet and it I wear since 12 Grade in SHS, and until now it is looks like new from shop maybe the material is good leather.
  • Blackberry (handphone), I think it is very very must you have, not phone is nothing and this era many people is using phone and many phone is very cheap right now, yes ??.
  • Body Butter, basicly I don't like using hand body because is simple is oily and sticky when I used it in my skin but when my aunt give me a packet from Body Shop (inc.body scrub, shower puff and shower gel) as a Christmast gift I immediately love at first sight so I used it until now.
  • Hand Sanitizer, very usefull when out from toilet or doing else that make my hand dirty.
  • Comb, everyday I go to campus by motorcycle so make my hair is a mess, so I need it everytime and everywear.
  • Nail Polish, you know I like coloring my nail so I bring it maybe when rest periods or else.
  • Hair Acc, Malang is so hot so I don't like see my hair oily or lepek, wear it when my appearance not good at that day.
All of I write maybe different with you and I bring to campus the only important. I just share or maybe help you my readers (female only) to What items must be brought. Ohh yah ! not include facial tissue, face paper and else. Happy Weekend guys !

Love, Yohana !

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