Jumat, 28 Maret 2014

Garlic Bread

Finally today is holiday !! Yeayyhh ! *sleepingbeauty. In the first of holiday actually in Saturday I can do my hobby yes !! Cooking !. Today I made garlic bread for breakfast. I found this recipe in instagram >> Resep Yummy, you can search many recipe that you like and of course with the easy way. Btw, I made this start from step 1 until last step only 20 menit ! It's perfect time to cook when I want bring it goes to college to share with my friends. And I very happy because this 3 day holiday I can write many post that I want to share to us, so stay tune guys !

I'm wearing my favorite pan, yes because this is from my mom as my gift in 17th Birthday. Very useful for any cook. Bake the bread only 5 minute but don't forget to cover it to make margarine quickly seep into the bread. Happy Cooking guys !

Love, Yohana !

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