Rabu, 12 Maret 2014

DIY 3 Colors Flower Crown

Hello Thursday !. Today my lecture in the evening so I can doing my favorite activity yes DIY !. My friend Endah told me to make flower crown for her sister very want flower crown because in the mall or online shop is very expensive. Actually Endah told me from long long week ago hahaha, sorry :). In the previous post I already make flower crown but the different I make it with 3 colors, I want to go to handycraft shop to buy many color of flower bud but I'm very lazy this week because many midterm, quiz, assignment that must I prepare. So here it is, enjoy !

Very simple but cute. I hear from Endah that the sister is wearing hijab. So for Endah's sister and else that read my post now as a hijabers maybe ( because I'm not muslim ) you must wearing white hijab if you want wear colorful flower crown such that I make. Because white make balance the color and I imagine that is so cute right ?. Sorry for late update because I'm very busy to prepare my lecture and many project for future blog post. But I enjoy with what god gave to me, if I bored I always watch korean movie. Yes ! My Love From Another Stars is end oohh Do Min Joon !! hahaha but there is a new korean movie again Emergency Couple starring Choi Jin Hyuk ( Kim Tan brother ) and Song Ji Hyo ( Monday Couple ) you must watch guys. Oh ya ! I hope today post useful for your inspiration, have a nice day !.

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