Sabtu, 29 Maret 2014

Must Have !

Actually I never bring all of must have in my bag everyday. Because my mom said to me that I had to focus to my study so the above items only I put in my home. And lecture book that I bring is very much so there is no space in my bag for all of this :(. I think you judge me is not like a woman ?? hahahaaa no no ! I stay bring all of this but not for go to college but when I hangout with my friends and my family or go somewhere else. So the items that you must bring to go out basicly is :
  • Bag, yess ! without bag you can not bring all >.< ! It is my favorite bag that I have from Gosh, I very like with the color (easy to mix and match with another outfit).
  • Journal (book), I one of people always bored when dwell somewhere so I must bring my journal from Go Girl to write some scedule that I must completed or sketch anything that make me better when waiting. And don't forget the soulmate yes ! the pen !.
  • Wallet, I stolen from my mom because I don't like colorful wallet and it I wear since 12 Grade in SHS, and until now it is looks like new from shop maybe the material is good leather.
  • Blackberry (handphone), I think it is very very must you have, not phone is nothing and this era many people is using phone and many phone is very cheap right now, yes ??.
  • Body Butter, basicly I don't like using hand body because is simple is oily and sticky when I used it in my skin but when my aunt give me a packet from Body Shop (inc.body scrub, shower puff and shower gel) as a Christmast gift I immediately love at first sight so I used it until now.
  • Hand Sanitizer, very usefull when out from toilet or doing else that make my hand dirty.
  • Comb, everyday I go to campus by motorcycle so make my hair is a mess, so I need it everytime and everywear.
  • Nail Polish, you know I like coloring my nail so I bring it maybe when rest periods or else.
  • Hair Acc, Malang is so hot so I don't like see my hair oily or lepek, wear it when my appearance not good at that day.
All of I write maybe different with you and I bring to campus the only important. I just share or maybe help you my readers (female only) to What items must be brought. Ohh yah ! not include facial tissue, face paper and else. Happy Weekend guys !

Love, Yohana !

Jumat, 28 Maret 2014

Garlic Bread

Finally today is holiday !! Yeayyhh ! *sleepingbeauty. In the first of holiday actually in Saturday I can do my hobby yes !! Cooking !. Today I made garlic bread for breakfast. I found this recipe in instagram >> Resep Yummy, you can search many recipe that you like and of course with the easy way. Btw, I made this start from step 1 until last step only 20 menit ! It's perfect time to cook when I want bring it goes to college to share with my friends. And I very happy because this 3 day holiday I can write many post that I want to share to us, so stay tune guys !

I'm wearing my favorite pan, yes because this is from my mom as my gift in 17th Birthday. Very useful for any cook. Bake the bread only 5 minute but don't forget to cover it to make margarine quickly seep into the bread. Happy Cooking guys !

Love, Yohana !

Rabu, 12 Maret 2014

DIY 3 Colors Flower Crown

Hello Thursday !. Today my lecture in the evening so I can doing my favorite activity yes DIY !. My friend Endah told me to make flower crown for her sister very want flower crown because in the mall or online shop is very expensive. Actually Endah told me from long long week ago hahaha, sorry :). In the previous post I already make flower crown but the different I make it with 3 colors, I want to go to handycraft shop to buy many color of flower bud but I'm very lazy this week because many midterm, quiz, assignment that must I prepare. So here it is, enjoy !

Very simple but cute. I hear from Endah that the sister is wearing hijab. So for Endah's sister and else that read my post now as a hijabers maybe ( because I'm not muslim ) you must wearing white hijab if you want wear colorful flower crown such that I make. Because white make balance the color and I imagine that is so cute right ?. Sorry for late update because I'm very busy to prepare my lecture and many project for future blog post. But I enjoy with what god gave to me, if I bored I always watch korean movie. Yes ! My Love From Another Stars is end oohh Do Min Joon !! hahaha but there is a new korean movie again Emergency Couple starring Choi Jin Hyuk ( Kim Tan brother ) and Song Ji Hyo ( Monday Couple ) you must watch guys. Oh ya ! I hope today post useful for your inspiration, have a nice day !.

Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

Crack Nail

Yesterday I look at my nail, it's very bored !. Very loooong I'm not coloring my nail, yes ! because I very busy for lecture. I accidentally make crack on my nails last night. I only painting two times with blue nail polish from Eternally in order to make it not bored visits. But I look at my crack nail polish from Tony Moly that never I use because it very difficult to crack ( can only be used with certain nail polish ) but I accidentally again to use it in my little finger hahaha ! and the result it succeed, the black nail polish is crack in 1 minute.

I buy Tony Moly in my favorite online shop that I was in Senior High School. This time, crack nail was popular in my town. Many my friend use it in her nail and make me don't want to miss it. Accident my favorite online shop open PO korean cosmetic, nail polish and else so like at the first time with Tony Moly crack nail polish. The crack pattern is not bored and and different from the others, the pattern is looks like skin of snake, do you look same ??. I very like to coloring my nail since Junior High School and I always like that my mom coloring her nail too. Maybe I like nail art because my mom like too. She always coloring her nail every first day on holiday, saturday that my mom bored and when my mom go to wedding or many ceremonial.

Blue Nail Polish - Eternally
Tony Moly Crack Nail Polish - MyRosemary Suitte
Clear Protector Nail Polish - Unbranded

Rose Pony

What clothes came to my house yesterday ?? It's from Nana Leman SHOP, finally arrived !. Yesterday I order some clothes in PO Bangkok. I like unicorn and pony or anything about horse and new song of Katy Perry "Dark Horse" of course, so I will collection all of it. This shirt very comfy, good quality ( make it with knitting computer ). You must open the online store at here or here.