Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

Rearranging AGAIN !

Since Christmas I not rearranging my room until yesterday. Today my college is holiday so I can clean up everything that is not useful in my room. I always wearing hair band, hair pin and everything that could be used in hair, I like !. But sometimes I disordered it and lazy to put back in the place hahahaha. 

I found two alcohol bottle in my brother room that he not use so I clean up it because very dusty using duster 
and put in side of my accessory.

 Before I rearranging my goods, look !! it's very terrible, HAH !. Nearly 4 hours I very busy in my room and make me hungry. Yesterday night I only eating a little of Lontong Cap Go Meh :). So this afternoon I cooking fried rice in big portion only for me. It's easy because you only mix rice, vegetables, shrimp, scrambled egg and the instant seasoning and *drumsound* TADAAAAAHHH ! Bye Hungry ! and Good Afternoon Guys ! Happy Weekend !

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