Rabu, 12 Februari 2014

Greeny Nail

So long I can't post my nail art, because many assignment should I do. And today my nail talk to me that she want to nail art hahahaa !. Feeling hot today in my city so I colored my nail with fresh color like green and decorated with simple fruit fimo.

Paint your nail twice and blow dry.

Put the fruit fimo use nippers.

And paste in nail with position as you like don't forget to give glue to be attached.

Today I cooking this for lunch, but breakfast for me because I will try diet hahahaa. Many people give me question " Why you try diet ??, your body is thin ? and blablaaablaaaaaa. Yes, of course my body is thin but my stomach is sooo big and make me shame wearing tight shirt, bodycon skirt, pants and else. So now I set my feeding schedule, morning I eat bread and juice or tea, in afternoon I  breakfast, in evening I eat snack like fruit, chiki hahahaa lol ! and in night I dinner. I only eat rice twice, and I always drink many water for waiting for meal. I search simple recipe in Google about Bihun this morning. I eat this without rice, so just it and with normal portion.

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