Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

U..U..Unicorn !

Finally I can post my first fashion !. I wan't to try be a fashion blogger like Sonia Eryka, Cindy Karmoko or Anastasia Siantar. I think it easy to be a fashion blogger but actually make me confused about match the clothes, acc and shoes huhh :(. Yesterday I go to rooftop of college building and doing a photo session with my friend Arfian. He is my classmate and very good in photography you can see the pic in here. So here it is.

I wear this clothes in campus and many my friends comment about my clothes :(. Yes !, my campus is Muslim majority so can't polite if I wearing mini skirt like this, but my skirt is not short only above the knee slightly. Ohh it's make me bad mood yesterday :(.

I don't know lately I very addicted with unicorn, anything about unicorn like t-shirt, acc, bag, toy and else I like ! but in my town I can't find it :(. I find this furry unicorn sweater in my junior at SHS in cheap price, this quality is very good, no defective goods and so warm haha *lol*. What do you think ??.

Oh yahh !, I get the cute journal is from GoGirl Magazine in December edition. I always use it in any activity that I can do in everyday. Generally in the  morning I write my activity in a full day in it and make checklist if this activity I've done and in the night I write what are the things that I experienced on that day, and so on until this day. It's make my schedule regularly every day, very usefull for me maybe you can do like this.

Bowler Hat - Unbranded
Furry Unicorn Sweater - NanalemanShop
Journal Book - GoGirl 2014
Tartan Skirt - Camomile
Ballerina Shoes - Buccheri

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