Rabu, 26 Februari 2014

Batik of The Day

Why yesterday I wearing batik to go to college ?? Because wednesday I'm the new Secretary of Commerce hahaha *lol*. Yesterday is valuation in english course about the number of export and import in Indonesia which is in the form of graphs. Actually I very excited because I want to show my skills to speak english. I only speak english in blog, diary so i want to try it !. Day before wednesday I was practice and dyeing hair while my mom, but the way I very want to practice with my older brother but he not in home now yes ! he was in Jakarta for project work :). When I practice if I wrong to say my mom always cut it and she justify it and thanks mom for support me and prepare air berkat for me. I wake up early morning to practice before take a bath and after that I doing morning routine ( drove my little brother to school ), I think i'ts to late to come to campus because I out of home in 6.30 but I including coming on the earliest. The valuation starts from number one while I the last number so many time for practice again. And finally I go to in front of the class to present my graph, I'm so nerveous but all of my friends cheer up me, like say SNSD and even say that I looks like Jessica SNSD *lol*. But in the middle of my present I launghing because my friend Rosita say my dialog with crazy style, and in the last conclusion I forget a little but finally I end well.

I and Rosita planned that wednesday doing photoshoot with my classmate Arfi but she not carry her clothes for photoshoot hah !. So only me doing the photoshoot in rooftop of my lecture building ( it's my favorite place ). I'm as the Secretary of Commerce in my graph so today I wearing my batik blazer ( like woman career ). Few week ago my mom give me fabric of batik from batik keris so I very excited to go to my family tailor don't forget I search blazer model in google that I like. I love batik pattern, I like wearing clothes that made from batik but in different models. Therefore I always go to family tailor, I never buy batik clothes in department store because the models is same with a lot of people, I hate it. So I always searching in google or branded store to inspire me and make it be different with other people.

And last I so thankful to the photographer of my photoshoot today as my classmate Arfi to help me ( you must see his photography in here or here ). If you not help me maybe this post is nothing. Oh yah ! I also say thank you again for my friends Silfina, Endah, Diyan, Wahyudi, Diah, Anna, Pipit and else ( sorry I'm forget ) say to me that my blog is good or nice :), and for my friends that say in your heart that my blog is good !.

Batik Blazer - Design by Me ( Fabric from Batik Keris )
White Tanktop - Unbranded
Jeans - Lois Jeans
Belt - Color Box
Flat Shoes in Blue - Marin Shop
Caviar Classic Bag - Chanel

Jumat, 21 Februari 2014

Saturday ROC[K]

Denim Jacket - Unbranded
Stripe Dress - My Rosemary Suitte
Caviar Classic Bag - Chanel
Piper Grey Shoes - Airwalk

Kamis, 20 Februari 2014

Session 2

White Shirt - Stolen from my bro
Tribal Sweater - Cessa Shop
Boyfriend Jeans -  Unbranded
Wedges Sandals - Karen & Chloe
Plait Doll Bag - Anita Yan

Selasa, 18 Februari 2014

U..U..Unicorn !

Finally I can post my first fashion !. I wan't to try be a fashion blogger like Sonia Eryka, Cindy Karmoko or Anastasia Siantar. I think it easy to be a fashion blogger but actually make me confused about match the clothes, acc and shoes huhh :(. Yesterday I go to rooftop of college building and doing a photo session with my friend Arfian. He is my classmate and very good in photography you can see the pic in here. So here it is.

I wear this clothes in campus and many my friends comment about my clothes :(. Yes !, my campus is Muslim majority so can't polite if I wearing mini skirt like this, but my skirt is not short only above the knee slightly. Ohh it's make me bad mood yesterday :(.

I don't know lately I very addicted with unicorn, anything about unicorn like t-shirt, acc, bag, toy and else I like ! but in my town I can't find it :(. I find this furry unicorn sweater in my junior at SHS in cheap price, this quality is very good, no defective goods and so warm haha *lol*. What do you think ??.

Oh yahh !, I get the cute journal is from GoGirl Magazine in December edition. I always use it in any activity that I can do in everyday. Generally in the  morning I write my activity in a full day in it and make checklist if this activity I've done and in the night I write what are the things that I experienced on that day, and so on until this day. It's make my schedule regularly every day, very usefull for me maybe you can do like this.

Bowler Hat - Unbranded
Furry Unicorn Sweater - NanalemanShop
Journal Book - GoGirl 2014
Tartan Skirt - Camomile
Ballerina Shoes - Buccheri

Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014

Rearranging AGAIN !

Since Christmas I not rearranging my room until yesterday. Today my college is holiday so I can clean up everything that is not useful in my room. I always wearing hair band, hair pin and everything that could be used in hair, I like !. But sometimes I disordered it and lazy to put back in the place hahahaha. 

I found two alcohol bottle in my brother room that he not use so I clean up it because very dusty using duster 
and put in side of my accessory.

 Before I rearranging my goods, look !! it's very terrible, HAH !. Nearly 4 hours I very busy in my room and make me hungry. Yesterday night I only eating a little of Lontong Cap Go Meh :). So this afternoon I cooking fried rice in big portion only for me. It's easy because you only mix rice, vegetables, shrimp, scrambled egg and the instant seasoning and *drumsound* TADAAAAAHHH ! Bye Hungry ! and Good Afternoon Guys ! Happy Weekend !

Rabu, 12 Februari 2014

Greeny Nail

So long I can't post my nail art, because many assignment should I do. And today my nail talk to me that she want to nail art hahahaa !. Feeling hot today in my city so I colored my nail with fresh color like green and decorated with simple fruit fimo.

Paint your nail twice and blow dry.

Put the fruit fimo use nippers.

And paste in nail with position as you like don't forget to give glue to be attached.

Today I cooking this for lunch, but breakfast for me because I will try diet hahahaa. Many people give me question " Why you try diet ??, your body is thin ? and blablaaablaaaaaa. Yes, of course my body is thin but my stomach is sooo big and make me shame wearing tight shirt, bodycon skirt, pants and else. So now I set my feeding schedule, morning I eat bread and juice or tea, in afternoon I  breakfast, in evening I eat snack like fruit, chiki hahahaa lol ! and in night I dinner. I only eat rice twice, and I always drink many water for waiting for meal. I search simple recipe in Google about Bihun this morning. I eat this without rice, so just it and with normal portion.