Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Chicken RICA !

Finally today I can cooking, yeayhh !. My college today is break because my lecturer being sick, get well soon Mrs. Dian. Ok so I go to traditional market today to buy some inggredients for Chicken Rica. It's traditional homemade food from Indonesian actually in Manado but I made this in to Javanese style hahahaaaa. Very simple inggredients you only prepare chicken wing ( you will change with other like meat, shrimp, pork and else), rica spices and of course oil to sauteing, so here we go !!

  1. Turn on the gas burner, if the pan already hot you can pour the oil. 
  2. add the rica spices, stir until the smells is good.
  3. add the chicken wings have been given a lemon.
  4. add water until the chicken wings closed, wait until the water seep into chicken wings.
  5. if already mature you can serve on the plate.

Happy cooking everyone and Happy Chinese New Year !

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