Kamis, 30 Januari 2014

Il Eclairs by Elly Cakes and Bakery

Few days ago my brother celebrate his late birthday. Is a simple celebrate just buy eclairs from his friend and share it to my grandma home, his girlfriend home and my family actually. But the way it's not first time he bought me this eclairs but I very miss with the flavour, only fruit and cheese. The name of the eclairs shop is Elly Cake and Bakery, she sell many cake and bakery not just eclairs. The owner name is Yua, she is very talented in decorate cake, and the flavour is tasty but not too sweet.

Chicken RICA !

Finally today I can cooking, yeayhh !. My college today is break because my lecturer being sick, get well soon Mrs. Dian. Ok so I go to traditional market today to buy some inggredients for Chicken Rica. It's traditional homemade food from Indonesian actually in Manado but I made this in to Javanese style hahahaaaa. Very simple inggredients you only prepare chicken wing ( you will change with other like meat, shrimp, pork and else), rica spices and of course oil to sauteing, so here we go !!

  1. Turn on the gas burner, if the pan already hot you can pour the oil. 
  2. add the rica spices, stir until the smells is good.
  3. add the chicken wings have been given a lemon.
  4. add water until the chicken wings closed, wait until the water seep into chicken wings.
  5. if already mature you can serve on the plate.

Happy cooking everyone and Happy Chinese New Year !

Kamis, 09 Januari 2014

Bromo Mountain

Sorry for super super latepost, seriously many time I can post in this blog but it's 2nd day in 2014 I want to relax because super tired trip :). My 2nd day I and my family go to Bromo Mountain, actually is not plan from my family but it's job from my school aunt. Yes, his told to check Bromo Mountain because in June all member of his school want to go there so I invited to join his trip. Honestly I never before go to Bromo so this is my 1 experience. 

First I go to Pananjakan, it's place for see the sunrise and this place sunrise came very beautiful. But today is cloudy so I not much see the sunrise :( but I can stay take a photos.

After satisfied take a photos I go down to go to parking area and in road many people from Bromo sell food and drink, I like fried banana it's very difference with I eat normally.

And in road I through Hill Love, I don't now why this hill named is Hill Love :(. But many couple go up to take photos. And Bromo Mountain looks like more close in there.

Second I go to Savanna. In this place content of many sand so maybe it's why the name is Savanna. This place is very large so maybe unique if I take photos with jump !!.

Third I go to Teletabies Hill, hahahaa it's cute name. Yeah because the hill like in Teletabies movie, many small hill neat. I exited with the full parking of jeep so colorful >.<.

The fog is go to down when the wind blows, It's beautiful. In Bromo Mountain I enjoy that God give to people in the world, thank you God.

Last is time to climb Bromo Mountain. The road is very far so all member of my family choose to riding a house, I mount the black house. His very friendly with me so I not scared for riding.

Finally reached the bottom of the stairs. The myth of the stairs is the total of every steps in left and right is difference. But I forget the total steps because I very tired when go to up, the sulfur gas is very disturb my eye and respiratory.

After a very very long I walk finally I in top of Bromo Mountain. In this top I can see many view in around the mountain, it's nice !.

I go to down with my black horse again and take a photos like Indiana Jones hahaha. Very gorgeous trip in earlier of the year. Best view, thank you so much God you creates this for us !.