Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

Kongkow Cafe

Last night I and my brother from Jakarta go to @KongkowCafe for having last day in Malang. Yes, this is Christmas holiday so my big family come from far away to my home in Malang. Sorry for not posting any photo about my Christmas celebration in my family because I very very busy hahaa I busy gathering with my big family. Because I only twice for gathering with my family that is in July when school holiday and Christmas. My family consist of many type of job, age so very difficult to make some schedule for gathering in another day ex. July and December. This day is my last day for gathering :( because holiday is over. Thank you for comming in my sweet home, having fun in Malang and sorry for my service that can not be full but I and my small family already give the best for this holiday. Thank you for my brother for already give me many Christmas gift, I love you too the moon and back. Not forget to my first brother that can not be gathered because his work in other country, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I hope you always happy in Jakarta. Thank God for make this holiday beautiful.

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