Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Sunday Lunch

Yesterday I and my friends go to Pulic Library. In there I found novel translation published by Dastan. My mom said that novel translation is difficult to understand because the language. But I try to read synopsis in behind of the novel, and it turns out the language is simple and I can understand it though the contents I found spanyol languange. Ohh ya, I buy this book only 10.000 Rupiah, very cheap right ??. But the way thank you Diah been accompanied me to refreshing.

I very busy since start lecture, I can cooking only in Saturday and Sunday ohh very bored for wait the day T.T. But today finally I can make new dish for my family and me of course :). 

This is it Homemade Mix Vegetables and Tuna Tomato Sauce With Mashed Potato ouuhh very very loooonnnggg title. Forget it ! It's time to eat !!

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