Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Goes To Paris

Finally, I get Paris wall sticker !! I had long been looking for it because Paris wall sticker the most desirable so very difficult to seek. Many stores tell me that wall sticker
 specially Paris is SOLD OUT.

But the way many people think that I'm very like PINK but it not true though I always use clothes, bag or accessories with pink color.

First, You have to clean the walls of the dust using a cloth.

Second, cut the stickers into the appropriate size, and then remove from the paper.

Third, attach neatly to the wall that has been cleaned.

Last, wipe with a cloth in order to stick with the good.

Tadaahhh !!! so cute yah :).  Everyday I wake up felt was in Paris huulalalaa. Maybe one day I'll be there !

OOhh ya ! Today I bought a backpack. This is the second bag, because I was bored of wearing a my Surfer Girl backpack every day. And everyday I lecture brought a lot of books so I need a backpack so as not to tired to carry many books.


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