Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

DIY English Last Project Part 1

Actually this week I very busy with final exam lecture huhh!. But my english teacher give last project for final exam ticket it's so disturbing me. Dear Santa can you help me in early Christmas ?? 'I hope'. And my beloved Santa listen my hope hahaha, Santa give me many many idea forr make handycraft :). I confused to choose color for car, diamond and heart but my mom tell me "maybe the color of cardboard will be better than you coloring it" and my mom said always true :). I not confidence to presentating my project in front of class, give my spirit God for tommorow !! And today my final exam is break so I can go to traditional market to buy some ingredient and cooking. This afternoon I make Spicy Claw and Capcay. There must be vegetables because my mom and I vegetarian so if not cooking vegetables and in home only chicken or meat I and my mom should buy some food in tavern :(. But the way Christmas is comming one week again and Santa is getting closer, Have you prepared for your Christmas day ??

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