Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Blink Blink Nail

One month I can't make nail art because my nail color is yellow and it is mean my nail not healty maybe because I'm everyweeks can't stop colored my nail. And now my nail comeback like normal nail yeahh !!

This is my new nail polish. I very obssesed for decorated my nail because with nail art I'm can explore many desaign and make me more creative ohh and one more because nail art make me refresh from college activities :)

I'm and my family very busy for one week so can't make Christmas Tree hohoooo, maybe tommorow I'm and my family can do it !!. But I have a good idea for decorate my sweet home, can you see in my home door ?? cute right, love love :*

 OOhhh yahh ! Christmas is coming soon and I'm prepare some dress to celebrate it. Can help me choose one of it because all dress is beautiful right ??? Uuhmm, I'm confused :(. Help me Santa !!!


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