Jumat, 27 Desember 2013

Kongkow Cafe

Last night I and my brother from Jakarta go to @KongkowCafe for having last day in Malang. Yes, this is Christmas holiday so my big family come from far away to my home in Malang. Sorry for not posting any photo about my Christmas celebration in my family because I very very busy hahaa I busy gathering with my big family. Because I only twice for gathering with my family that is in July when school holiday and Christmas. My family consist of many type of job, age so very difficult to make some schedule for gathering in another day ex. July and December. This day is my last day for gathering :( because holiday is over. Thank you for comming in my sweet home, having fun in Malang and sorry for my service that can not be full but I and my small family already give the best for this holiday. Thank you for my brother for already give me many Christmas gift, I love you too the moon and back. Not forget to my first brother that can not be gathered because his work in other country, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year I hope you always happy in Jakarta. Thank God for make this holiday beautiful.

Selasa, 24 Desember 2013

DIY English Last Project Part 2

Sorry for my late post because I not enough time to posting my daily activity, Christmas come so fast so I must prepare home decorating, Christmas snack and bedroom for my big family.

I post in my instagram account.

Photos by my friend Arfian Galih, click the link for view more his photography. I lazy for taking photo in Christmas night because the condition maybe soon I will post about what I wear in Christmas celebration, stay tuned guys !!

Rabu, 18 Desember 2013

DIY English Last Project Part 1

Actually this week I very busy with final exam lecture huhh!. But my english teacher give last project for final exam ticket it's so disturbing me. Dear Santa can you help me in early Christmas ?? 'I hope'. And my beloved Santa listen my hope hahaha, Santa give me many many idea forr make handycraft :). I confused to choose color for car, diamond and heart but my mom tell me "maybe the color of cardboard will be better than you coloring it" and my mom said always true :). I not confidence to presentating my project in front of class, give my spirit God for tommorow !! And today my final exam is break so I can go to traditional market to buy some ingredient and cooking. This afternoon I make Spicy Claw and Capcay. There must be vegetables because my mom and I vegetarian so if not cooking vegetables and in home only chicken or meat I and my mom should buy some food in tavern :(. But the way Christmas is comming one week again and Santa is getting closer, Have you prepared for your Christmas day ??

DIY Flower Crown

I very very love with handmade because it's time to refreshing my brain from busy lecture and for add new innovation. Today I make flower crown. Yeah now this is very popular in girls world, long time ago I very want it but in my town it is not good quality so I should buy in online shop :(. I don't like online shop because the goods not same with the picture but not all. I buy flower buds + a roll of ribbon in handycraft shop in my town. Every make some handycraft I always eat late but after I feel stomachache now I always eat everytime hahaaa no "DIET" word in my dictionary :P. I hope this time my handmade make you motivated for try. Good luck guys !!

Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

Sunday Lunch

Yesterday I and my friends go to Pulic Library. In there I found novel translation published by Dastan. My mom said that novel translation is difficult to understand because the language. But I try to read synopsis in behind of the novel, and it turns out the language is simple and I can understand it though the contents I found spanyol languange. Ohh ya, I buy this book only 10.000 Rupiah, very cheap right ??. But the way thank you Diah been accompanied me to refreshing.

I very busy since start lecture, I can cooking only in Saturday and Sunday ohh very bored for wait the day T.T. But today finally I can make new dish for my family and me of course :). 

This is it Homemade Mix Vegetables and Tuna Tomato Sauce With Mashed Potato ouuhh very very loooonnnggg title. Forget it ! It's time to eat !!

Blink Blink Nail

One month I can't make nail art because my nail color is yellow and it is mean my nail not healty maybe because I'm everyweeks can't stop colored my nail. And now my nail comeback like normal nail yeahh !!

This is my new nail polish. I very obssesed for decorated my nail because with nail art I'm can explore many desaign and make me more creative ohh and one more because nail art make me refresh from college activities :)

I'm and my family very busy for one week so can't make Christmas Tree hohoooo, maybe tommorow I'm and my family can do it !!. But I have a good idea for decorate my sweet home, can you see in my home door ?? cute right, love love :*

 OOhhh yahh ! Christmas is coming soon and I'm prepare some dress to celebrate it. Can help me choose one of it because all dress is beautiful right ??? Uuhmm, I'm confused :(. Help me Santa !!!