Jumat, 15 November 2013

Bakti Sosial

Yesterday my department hold social events in the region of Batu. This is event is followed by all new students, including me and my classmates. I set up the truck with sand hahha this is a new experience, it sounds really cheesy but it was fun. Traveling from campus to the point of Sukomulyo village about 2 hours. there is very cold at all because there are mountains, huuuh I could not sleep at night :(

Arriving there I immediately turn on my camera to take pictures with my classmates. Well, this is the result of the photos on my camera, the picture is actually much more.

Time to dinner with my sleep group hahahaa !! and SAY CHEESE !!

It's Morning Photoshoot :), taken by Endah.

The Girls !

Beautiful view when I see lettuce and flower garden. So green right, can not be found in the city.

I really appreciate to all residents in the village because they are very entertaining sukomulyo us and introduce a lot of tradition.

With my besties, miss you guys !

Good bye Sukomulyo village, see you next time :)

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