Jumat, 15 November 2013

School Breakfast :)

I woke up early today, to make a lunch meal for me and my brother who was a class 1 in senior high school. Today I made ​​my favorite food is broccoli omlete

Midtest schedule is full :( I need holiday !,  Christmast is 1 month longer T.T. Oohh yah ! my friends lent her book about the CNBlue you know ? Yeah this is my new idol, not a boyband but korean band. Love love love !!

Pretty Pink Nail

Balekambang Beach

Last week my classmates invited me to accompany him to hunting in Balekambang beach. It is a beach that is located on top of a mountain, why I can say that because the journey to get there when I saw that there was water on the mountain which apparently it is the beach. Wooww god works very magical, very beautiful beaches, but unfortunately a lot of people who throw garbage there.

I did not get to take pictures there instead of not bringing a camera but I'm lazy to take pictures, because it's the first time I Balekambang I was there just to enjoy the beauty of the beach

But the way I have not been to decorate my nails, maybe next post about my nailart this month, stay tune yah hahaha!