Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

I'm a Junior Chef !!

Than I was a kid, I love to see people cooking. Whether it's cooking tv show or my aunt who cook (my mom can not cook he always works). Sometimes I also try to cook, sometimes good sometimes bad, but I'm still learning. At first I was not able to detect the flavors I'm a long time but I could. I was not going to cook anymore because the material is less at home, I want my kitchen like a restaurant kitchen in super full (it was probably because I was a kid). Now I just go to college and still spare my time so I started to learn to cook by yourself again because this is not a holiday of July or December my aunt could not teach me to cook but 2 months away Christmas, I can not wait to learn to cook with my aunt. The results of my cooking, comment if you want to ask!.

Cap Cay

Brokoli Teriyaki



Ceker Pedas


Mie Goreng Jawa Seafood

Simply Friedrice

Nasi Goreng Ikan Benggol

Oseng - Oseng

Udang Kecap

Bihun Brokoli

Sosis Gulung Mie

Brokoli Tongkol Saus Sarden


Pepes Tongkol

Soto Komplit

Tongkol Black Pepper

Tongkol Bumbu Sarden

Es Blewah

Kolak Ubi Ungu 


Roti Bakar  

Pisang Nangka 

Semur Bandeng

Sosis Asam Manis

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