Minggu, 28 April 2013

Behing The Blog

Yohana Fania Mardikaputri
( you can call me Yohana )
23 Agustus 1995
19 years old
Malang, East Java
Accounting Students at the State University of Malang' 2013

I don't know why I give name my blog Ugly Zuzu. One day I read the name in magazine but it not blog address or else but name of food that make by artist, and since then I always remember about Ugly Zuzu so I choose it to be my blog name. This is my blog that I make to show how my fashion, recipe, D - I - Y, nail art and what I doing in the holiday or everyday. I just want to share to all of you especially young generation to be a creative people. I start to write this blog on 2013 with D - I - Y, recipe and nail art. On 2014 I start write about fashion and outfit until now. This blog like my diary I always write about my study, my family and else.

Loves !

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